Get Up and Learn!

Anne Harris Wilcox created Active Learning Games with the belief that movement is key to learning. In collaboration with Rochester artist and designer Jim Barbero, she has created all of ALG's activities and games with this in mind.

Wishes Come True for the Harley School

Harley Middle School science teacher Carly Rivers unpacks the school's new Circulation Game set. The set was put on their wish list, and was provided by a generous donor.


What's New at ALG?

Anne's getting ready to head to San Antonio! She got some wind in her sails from this comment from a University of Rochester student who'd used Build Your Own Body (BYOB) in her Anatomy class last year:

"Anne, I aced the medical school anatomy class, and I couldn't have done it without the previous exposure in your class. Hope you're well and please keep the anatomy class running so more students can see how interesting anatomy can be!"


Anne's packing up to ship Build Your Own Body (BYOB) to this year's National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference in San Antonio. At last year's conference, she received the Outstanding Leadership Award from New York State Dance Education Association (NYSDEA).


Chandra McCloud-Glover of Northwest School of the Arts (Charlotte, NC) discovering Build Your Own Body. BYOB was a huge hit at the conference. Dance educators from all across the country see so many uses for ALG's tactile, kinetic way to learn about muscles and bones.


Check out the newest offering from ALG, Bone-Apart. Building on the concept of Build Your Own Body, Bone-Apart is a set of Magnetic bones that can be used in many ways to learn about bone structure.