NEW! Bone-Apart©

New Bones-only Magnet Set!

ALG now offers a set of bone magnets you can use as another learning tool. 36 labeled bone magnets are included in the set: 17 anterior bones, 18 posterior bones, and of course the Bone-Apart Hat! Use Bone-Apart© to promote skeletal identification and boney structure understanding. Have fun building the human skeleton part by part, challenge students with skeleton-building relays, or play "Ouch Bone," an activity in which students identify the misplaced bone! A collection of engaging activity ideas is included (part of an upcoming book of kinesthetic games and activities from ALG).

Bone-Apart© includes:

  • 17 anterior bone magnets
  • 18 posterior bone magnets
  • Bone-Apart hat magnet
  • Storage container
  • Laminated activity page

Non-profit pricing

$217, shipping included (provide tax exempt number).

Retail pricing

$217, shipping included. (Checks should be made payable to: Active Learning Games, LLC.) Tax will be charged during checkout.